The Release 

for a light to medium pressure massage

Experience this Swedish style massage using long, kneading strokes with light to medium pressure to help the mind and body unwind into bliss.  You can make this service your own by choosing to target the full body or specific areas.  Also, choose one of the aromatic blends to accompany you through your journey to a well-balanced, peaceful state: : Lavender for relaxation, Vanilla Lemongrass for upliftment, or Unscented.

​​100 | 50 minutes      

160 | 80 minutes     


The Surrender 

for a deep pressure massage

For those who prefer a firm touch, a deep-tissue massage uses slow, deep strokes to work out tough knots and soothe overworked muscles, giving your body instant relief.  It serves to increase the body’s circulation, promoting faster healing through the release of built-up toxins and lactic acid.  You can make this treatment your own by choosing to target the full body or specific areas. This is the revival for a tired, tense body.

125 | 50 minutes    

185 | 80 minutes    


The Stoner

for an herbaceous hot-stone massage

During this treatment, we use warm volcanic stones and herbal oils to soothe built up tension in the body.  A tranquil, grounding energy is emitted through the stones shifting your energy into a serene state.  Slow, rhythmic strokes are used to release any tightness, luring your mind and body into restfulness.

125 | 50 minutes    

185 | 80 minutes    


The Reboot 

for an energy and total body reset

A service designed to rebalance your body and spirit.  We begin by taking deep cleansing breaths of Eucalyptus, an essential oil that helps strengthen a weakened immune system.  The treatment continues with a deep tissue massage using anti-inflammatory Ginger Root and Arnica used to realign your physical body.  We end with an energy sweep of the body using a palo santo smudge to remove any residual heaviness.  This service releases the old and invites in the new, both physically and energetically.

200 | 80 min       


The Muscle Melt 

for an active body

Work hard?  Relax harder.  The perfect remedy for an active body, this deep tissue massage incorporates trigger point therapy and myofascial release to relieve tension in stiff joints and overworked muscles.  A therapeutic blend of rosemary, peppermint, camphor and fennel essential oils are used to assist your body into a deep release, leaving you renewed and revived. 


200 | 80 minutes           


The Creator 

for a pre/post natal massage

Creating life is beautiful, but it is also a lot of work!  It can cause unwanted achiness, restlessness and fatigue.  So, we created a restorative service for new or new-to-be mothers to kick back, relax and unwind.  The service begins by sipping on a calming herbal tea allowing a wave of relaxation to flow over you.  Our massage therapist then guides the body through a slow rhythmic massage with light to medium pressure using an Argan and Coconut oil to hydrate and strengthen the skin’s elasticity.  This treatment will leave you in a calm, harmonic state.


115 | 50 minutes    

175 | 80 minutes    


The Man-Made

for a medium to firm pressure massage for men

Feeling sore, tight, tense?  This service will melt away your stiffness and fatigue.  Slow, rhythmic, kneading strokes are used to break up knots and relax tight muscles.  Trigger point therapy is incorporated into the service to target those intensely contracted muscles giving you instant relief.  Your body will feel like you just went into the shop and got a tune-up.

115 | 50 minutes    

175 | 80 minutes    


The Root

for refreshed feet

A grounding journey that begins by soaking the feet in an herbal foot bath while sipping on a warming tea to calm the senses.  The feet and calves are massaged with a renewing blend of green tea and mint to induce a deep state of relaxation while increasing circulation.  Reflexology points are incorporated targeting your specific needs.  We end this service by cocooning the feet with herbal steamed towels to awaken the chakras and reinforce your connection to the earth.

100 | 45 minutes    


Level up any service to target your skin’s specific needs with one or more of the following enhancements...




-15 minutes additional time-

Dry-brushing | increased firmness and lift

a light-form of electric current that stimulates + tightens the muscles of the face | 25

body scrub | circulation and exfoliation

a sugar scrub is massaged in a circular pattern to remove dead skin | 30

foot reflexology | relaxation and healing

a pressure point therapy correlating with different parts of the body to relax and heal | 30

smudging | energy body clearing

palo santo wood is used to cleanse away negative energy while inviting in positive energy | 25

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