Take the guess work out of great skin and put your face in our hands.  Allow our experienced skincare experts to customize a treatment designed with your skin and lifestyle in mind. We are here to guide you before, during, and after your service to choose the best treatments, products and regimens just for you!

The Hydrafacial Transcendence


for the best skin of your life

Next generation skincare at your fingertips.  This facial uses a magical wand to cleanse + exfoliate, peel + purge and infuse + hydrate high-end ingredients into your skin.  Giving you instant results and that WOW-factor glow with zero downtime.  Perfect for routine maintenance or before any big event.

The Basic:  A four-step process that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates. 200 | 50 minutes


The Boosted: Hydrafacial + LED Light treatment + Booster serum  250 | 65 minutes

The Works:  Hydrafacial + Neck and Décolleté + Lymphatic Drainage + LED Light Treatment + Booster Serum  300 | 80 minutes 




The Retrograde


for a turned-back version of you

Microdermabrasion focuses on even-exfoliation of the skin using a diamond-tipped wand. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and dullness.


Microdermabrasion  150 | 50 minutes


Microdermabrasion + Neck and Décolleté + Cool-Hammer Therapy   210 | 80 minutes


Microdermabrasion Enhancement (add on to any facial service)  50 | 15 minutes



The Rev Up


for the basics

A classic-style facial to refresh dull, lackluster skin. A great starting point for those new to facials or looking for monthly maintenance. Highly customizable and the perfect opportunity to add-in those enhanced treatments.

100 | 50 minutes 


The Supernatural

for age-less skin

An age-defying facial that includes plumping peptides, a chemical peel and micro-current, an advanced technology that tightens and firms giving the skin an instant uplifted firmer appearance.


Enhancements Included:  Enzyme Peel, Microcurrent

180 | 80 minutes 


The Remedy

for less-complicated skin

A deep-pore cleansing facial. Salicylic acid combined with high frequency will help clear and calm congested acne prone skin.

Enhancements Included:  Acne Lift Peel, High Frequency Treatment

150 | 50 minutes


The Bright Light

for radiant, even-toned skin

A facial to target uneven hyper-pigmented skin. A chemical peel along with vitamin C is used to soften the appearance of sun-damage, acne scars and hormonal imbalances that cause excess melanin in the skin. 

Enhancements Included:  Lightening Lift Peel

225 | 80 minutes


The Cool, Calm + Quenched

for soothed, balanced skin

A moisture rich facial to quench dry skin and soothe irritation. A gentle enzymatic peel combined with a hydrating sheet mask will bring your skin the nourishment it’s been craving..

Enhancements Included:  Enzyme Peel, Hydrogel sheet mask

130 | 50 minutes


The Chrysalis

for transformation from the inside out

True beauty starts from the inside out.  This facial starts with a consultation where we do a deep dive into your stress levels, diet, sleep patterns and your current skincare regimen so that we may start to unravel the mysteries of your skin.  A handcrafted classic-style facial is then designed just for you, creating a unique transformative experience.  During this service, we incorporate facial yoga techniques, shiatsu and deep tissue massage to melt away tension held in the face, especially the eyebrow and forehead area.  You will leave relaxed, renewed and with a regimen tailored just for you.

Enhancements Included: Rose Quartz GuaSha Eye Treatment, Custom Peel

180 | 80 minutes


The Man-Made Facial

for the maintenance a man needs too

This facial is designed with a man’s skin in mind. Deep pore clarifying ingredients are used to help purge the skin of unwanted blackheads and soothe irritation caused by shaving or inflamed acne prone skin.

Enhancements Included:  Peel, Hydrogel Sheet Mask

130 | 50 minutes


The Got Your Back

 facial for your back

Don’t worry, we got your back in this purifying facial.  We dive right in with a deep cleanse to start things off.  Followed by dual-action exfoliation that removes impurities from the skin.  We then take our time with extractions making sure to get those hard to reach places.  After, a hydrating mask is applied to calm and soothe the skin.  During this time, a hypnotic scalp massage is performed leaving you weightless all the way around.  A great add on to any facial, leaving you looking good from the front and behind.

85 | 40 minutes


Level up any service to target your skin’s specific needs with one or more of the following enhancements...


-15 minutes additional time-


for uneven texture + Tone | 50


for increased firmness and lift | 50

LED LIGHT therapy

for anti-aging or oily acneic skin  | 25

Lymphatic drainage

for puffiness + Detoxification  | 25

Rose quartz guasha

for tension relief + increased circulation  | 25

High frequency treatment

for acne-prone skin  | 25

additional extraction time

for a thorough pore clearing | 25

cool hammer therapy

for calming redness + inflammation  | 25

-no additional time required-


Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Mask

for deep hydration | 15


for softening fine lines + wrinkles | 15


Ormedic Lift Enzyme Peel

for sensitive skin | 18

signature facelift PEEL

for dry/dehydrated skin | 15


for fine lines and wrinkles | 15



for scarring, sun/dark spots | 15 



for oily or acne prone skin  | 15 

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