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We want you to feel and look your best on the outside, but we know that true beauty lies within and is reflected when you take care of the mental, emotional, and energy being that you are.

crystal healing



reiki crystals energy work meditation

Reiki, translates from Japanese to mean ‘Universal Life Energy.’ As an alternative healing treatment, this technique transmitted through gentle touch is thought to transfer universal light energy through the palms of the hands.  This ancient art has been used for generations to facilitate self-healing and harmonize the subtle energies of the body, realigning, activating and removing blockages so that the vital life force may travel freely through the body.  Hand picked crystals and essential oils are used to enhance the energetics of this service.  This experience will leave you with a relaxed sense of ease and peace that only comes with being connected to your true essence.

75 MIN | $175



reiki crystals energy work meditation yoga nidra

Oftentimes our lives leave us busy, overwhelmed and wound tight wreaking havoc on our mental and physical bodies. In this guided relaxation experience we give you the time and space to move out of that toxic stress response and rebalance into one of deep tranquility and rest, the place where all healing and wellness begin.  We begin with a few moments to ease into the space, sip an herbal tea, breathe in the aromas, and journal the worries that are weighing heavy on your mind. From there you climb into a warm bed and are guided through breathing and body relaxation techniques that will sink you into deeper states of stillness.  You then are taken inwards on a guided visualization journey, resting in that blissful space between wakefulness and sleep. Floating in this hypnotic state creates an opportunity of deep release in the physical, mental, and emotional body giving a sense of internal peace, presence, and rejuvenation.  This experience will leave you feeling like you’ve had the best night’s sleep of your life.

75 MIN | $175

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