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What is Microcurrent technology?

Microcurrent machines use gentle, low-voltage electricity to stimulate the muscles, accelerate cell growth and increase collagen production.  This is a non-invasive, injection-free way to tighten and smooth muscles and connective tissue in the face, leaving the skin firmer, more sculpted and lifted. In other words, a “work out” for your face but with immediate results and no recovery time.


What does Microcurrent feel like?

A warm tingly sensation can be felt or nothing at all.  A conductivity gel is used as a barrier between the skin and the microcurrent device to achieve optimum results and protect this skin against any zingy feelings.  Some people may even experience a metallic taste in their mouths due to cavity fillings or see light flashes around the eyes, but nothing to be concerned about.


How long do results last?

If you are simply looking for a quick pick me up before an event, one treatment will give you immediate results with absolutely no recovery time. Results are cumulative with the microcurrent technology so, weekly or bi-weekly appointments are recommended if you are looking to achieve lasting results.  Think about it in terms of a work out, you never achieve long lasting results in just one session.  It takes time and consistency.  Once the desired outcome is reached, monthly appointments are recommended to maintain.

Who would benefit?

All skin types may receive a microcurrent facial, but since it is an electrical current, those with pacemakers and metal implants should avoid this service.  Other contraindications for this treatment include pregnancy, seizures and severe acne.

How to prepare:

Drink lots of water!  And make sure your at-home regimen is boosting hydration levels with hyaluronic acid.  Water is a conductor of electricity so the more hydrated the skin the better the results.


This facial treatment combines intensive microcurrent technology, facial massage, and ultrasound lymphatic drainage to lift and tone the muscles of the face while reducing puffiness and firming up the skin. This treatment also includes a light peel, followed by a lifting mask with powerful plant stem cells delivering a glowing, firmer and more sculpted look.

microcurrent sculpt lift contour



80 MIN | $250

PACKAGE OF 6 | $1250 (Purchase 5, Get the 6th Free)

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